The Best Alternative To Email Marketing With Over 95% Open Rate That Can Help You Make Millions Of Naira Finally Revealed!

You need to read this information carefully if you want to stop getting low click rate and poor engagement from your email marketing.

If you have been involved with internet marketing you must have heard this important proverb of online business: “The Money is in the List”.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in your list and all those times you’ve heard that your list is your business, it’s true.

A quick way to building a list has been via email marketing;

– You simply create a lead generation landing page.

– Ask prospective customers to submit their emails if they need more information.

– Send them a confirmation email via e-mail marketing. applications such as Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber etc

– Send valuable contents as follow up via e-mails

– Promote your offer via e-mail.

That has been the way e-mail marketing works.

But there is an ugly truth about email marketing today.



Many things have changed!

Email marketing has become so crowded today and gradually turning to a mess.

People subscribe to one service or the other via their e-mails.
So, they get their email accounts flooded with so many messages which invariably mean that they may not even notice your special offers via e-mails.
Even if they will get to see it later, it might be too late.

E-mail applications such as Gmail mobile app categorizes e-mail messages.

So, if you send a promotional email, it would definitely land in the Promotional category and your subscriber may not even see it since most people access their emails on the respective mobile apps and they barely go through the Promotionals!

The onslaught of spam is rendering email marketing less effective.
When you send e-mails to people at times, they tell you they did not receive your e-mail, though it actually delivered but it ended up in the SPAM!

You keep spending money on Facebook ads, Google ads, Nairaland ads etc to get more leads

But what do you get in return?

Poor click through rate, poor engagement and poor sales!

But it does not have to be like that!

You can actually build a RESPONSIVE list of subscribers who will be ready to pay for your products.

And you could do this in just few hours!

You can achieve this by using a very powerful list building web application proven to be the best alternative to email marketing that can help you get over 1,000 subscribers in 2 days.

This list building software is so new to the internet marketing industry that only few are using it and they are raking in millions in sales….

Therefore, if you are tired of wasting time and losing money to e-mail marketing when you run your Facebook ads, Google ads, Nairaland ads and other premium ads then you should use this application.

Allow me to introduce you to…
This is a SMS marketing and list building application for smart internet marketers. With this, you no longer have to struggle with low click through rate and engagement because the application will absolutely take care of that.

Now How Does Work? is a phone number list building portal where users can build a targeted list of customers using their phone numbers. All customers need to do is to send a text message in form of a keyword to your ‘longcode’.
Once this is successfully done you have access to their numbers which you can send follow up messages continually and this converts like wild fire.

For example, if you are selling a health product, you can use it in your sales funnel like…

-FB Ads….. Pre-Sell…. Longcode Optin…. Auto Responder/Follow up… Sales Page.

Once interested customers finish reading your pre-sell and are interested in signing up for more info, they can send a message using the keyword “HealthTips” to the “longcode” which will be generated.
Once this is done successfully, you can send them follow up messages that will land straight to their phone.

Now, How Will Help You Build Targeted Lists And Make A Truckload Of Money In Your Business? is the cheapest and most affordable interactive list building application in the market right now… MOST OF ALL YOU CAN START WITH A FREE TRIAL

– Easily Interact With Customers By Sending Highly Targeted Auto response and Follow Up Messages That Get Seen Instantly Because It Goes Straight To The inbox And Give An Alert On Their Phones.
The Click Through Rate And Engagement Is Off The Roof And With The Right Offer Targeted To The Right Audience; You Will Be Getting Orders In Droves And Making Load Of Money.

– Very Friendly User Interface. So, you don’t need to be tech guru to use the web application

– Bulk SMS Messaging That Delivers To All Mobile networks In Nigeria. DND or no DND!

– You can easily segment subscribers from your keywords and segment into groups in seconds.

– Automatic Forwarder sends messages received on your longcodes directly to your URL. This is a suitable option for developers.

Most Off All, It’s Quiet New In The Market And Only A Select Few Internet Marketers Know About It And They Are Using It To Make A Truck Load Of Money, While Novices, Feed On The Remaining Sand

Now, How Can You Take Advantage Of and Make Cool Money Using This Platform?

All you need to do is visit and sign up as a user. Follow the step by step instructions and implement it in your next marketing campaign.


If you do not like the service, you are totally free to cancel it, but actually, this is the biggest thing that has happened in the internet marketing industry.

Why suffer low click through rate and engagement when you can enjoy high conversions and ROI on

I’m sure you are a wise internet marketer who will take advantage of opportunities placed in front of you.

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