Is this an hype? Absolutely not!

You can actually earn ₦30,000 more as an Affiliate on It’s that simple!

With your Affiliate link you can invite people, businesses and organizations to use the services on and you earn when they use the services.

What is is a 2-way SMS marketing solution where anyone can send and receive SMS instantly. is also suitable for businesses that want to capture leads and generate more sales. Read more here

How do you Earn?

You only need to refer others to use the services on and you keep earning instant commissions on all their transactions for life.

– Earn ₦200 first-timer bonus when anyone you refer funds wallet and send SMS even if it is a single SMS. So, refer 5 first-timers and earn ₦1,000 instantly.

– Earn 5% commission on every bulk SMS transactions.

– Earn 20% commission on shared keyword setup

– Earn 15% commission on renewal of shared keyword

– Earn 25% commission on dedicated keyword setup

All commissions will be automatically added to your affiliate wallet after 24 hours of the transaction and you can withdraw directly to your bank account with ease.

How can you earn ₦30,000 and even more?

With the above commissions plan, you can earn ₦30,000 even within a week.

For instance if you invite 15 people that use the shared keyword, you earn 20% x 10,000 x 15 =₦30,000

And you also keep earning from their recurring SMS transactions and renewals!

See details of pricing here

How to invite others

– Log in to your affiliate account here or create a free affiliate account here.

– On your dashboard, locate your affiliate link.

– Copy your affiliate link and start sharing!
You can also use the promotional to see sample messages and graphics which you can use to promote your affiliate link.

So, what are you waiting for? Starting earning now!

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