Frequently Asked Questions

A long code is simply a normal phone number configured to receive SMS. Unlike short code, Long code is cheaper and easier to set up.
You can receive SMS directly on our portal and even forward the message directly to your designated URL. You only need to create a keyword on our available longcodes.
A keyword is the first word in the body of the SMS which tells our system who owns the message and how to process the message. This is your Lead Capture. See the illustration below;

Text LONGCODES to 07067480729

In the example above, LONGCODES is the keyword (lead capture) and 07067480729 is the long code. Try it to see how it works!
Log in to your account and click Keyword. There are two types; Free and Premium.
  • Free keyword is available for 3 days and cannot be renewed.
  • Premium keyword is available for 30 days and can be renewed. Please see pricing.
You can create auto reply SMS when anyone text your keyword (lead capture) for the first time. Log in to your account -> Click SMS ->Auto Reply/Followup.
Any message you set as Day 0 will be the instant auto reply SMS. You can also setup follow up messages by setting day and time respectively.
When creating a keyword, there is an option to add forward URL. So, just specify your URL and the messages sent to your keyword will be automatically forwarded to your URL. You can edit this URL if needs be. Click on Keyword -> View -> Edit URL as desired.
We push the data to your URL via POST variables.
For PHP Developers:
This is to receive the data at your URL; $_POST['phone'] and $_POST['message']
$_POST['phone'] = phone number that sent message
$_POST['message'] = message sent

For ASP Developers:
This is to receive the data at your URL; Request.QueryString["phone"] and Request.QueryString["message"]
Request.QueryString["phone"] = phone number that sent message
Request.QueryString["message"] = message sent  
DND stands for Do-Not-Disturb which was introduced by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) that enables mobile subscribers to opt out of promotional messages of which bulk SMS is classified as one. So, mobile numbers subscribed to DND list are not able to receive bulk SMS through the normal route. However to deliver to DND numbers, you can make use of the corporate route.
A list is a distinct group of phone numbers (leads) that have sent SMS to a keyword. These are your subscribers captured by your keyword (lead capture). You can setup follow up messages on the list and can send SMS broadcast to the list.
List is found under the Keyword section. Log in to your account-> Click Keyword -> List
A group is simply a segmented list. This is a list of phone numbers extracted from a list or lists.
You can add subscribers from a particular list or lists and add them to a group.
To create Group
Log in to your account ->Click Group -> Create

To Add numbers to a Group from a List
Log in to your account -> Click List -> Select the phone numbers by checking the boxes -> Click Copy to Group (select desired group) and Save

To view Groups
Log in to your account -> Click Group -> View
  • Online payment via ATM card and instant crediting. Available 24/7
  • Cash deposit or online transfer to the corporate bank account. Mondays-Saturdays, 9am-6pm
To use any of the available options, log in to your account -> click Fund Wallet.
It's so simple. Log in to your account -> Click SMS -> Send SMS.
You can send SMS directly to your lists. groups and to other phone numbers.
Log in to your account -> Click on SMS -> Sent
The detailed report of delivery is displayed here.
Our servers are secured to the highest possible standards, using hardware and software firewalls alongside our own in-house security package
SSL Certificates is installed to secure all of your data as it is passed from your browser to our website’s server.

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