Are you looking for a fast and effective way to build a list of subscribers and get more customers to your products and services?

Here is the answer…

Long codes – Alternative to Email Marketing

Send and receive SMS using 2-Way SMS long code.

A Long code is simply a phone number that allows people to text you in order to communicate with your service or business. A long code is used alongside a keyword. e.g. Text LONGCODES to 07067480729 to get important tip on How to get real and genuine subscribers’.  The long code is 07067480729 and LONGCODES is the keyword.

Why should You use Long code?

Texting or sending SMS has become a fast and efficient channel of communication and it’s being used by both corporate organizations and individuals.

So, if you really want to capture leads, interact with your prospects and customers, get more sales on autopilot then you should consider using long code in your SMS marketing plan for the following reasons;

– Capture more customer numbers
Let’s say you have an offer to sell a health related product on weight loss, you can create a keyword for your offer and use it to capture interest e.g. For Ladies: Give Up The Fat, And The Belly Will Go Flat. Text MYSHAPE to 07067480729 to receive daily tips.
When consumers respond to your keyword (MYSHAPE), you will automatically capture their mobile phone numbers and get them subscribed to your list. You can then use the list for future marketing campaigns. And because these consumers have already interacted with you, they are more likely to respond to your marketing messages in the future.

– Promote your products/services
You can also use it to promote your other services or products to your existing customers. e.g. “Text XXXXX to 07067480729 to receive a free quote on iphones”
This is really an interesting way to get your current customers to purchase a new product or service from you.

– Customer support
You can let your customers text you when they need support or help – amazing customer support that customers will love. For example, you could advertise HELP (as keyword) on your website for people to text, then one of your team calls them back when they are free to help them with their issue.

– SMS loyalty program
With the exponential growth of mobile phone usage, SMS loyalty programs have become one of the most successful and easy to implement marketing channels.
Your clients will simply need to text in a keyword to join your loyalty program, and start receiving rewards immediately after that.
You can promote the keyword anywhere, meaning a wider reach to potential customers and a great way to capture more mobile numbers.

Who can use a Long code?

Long codes are the perfect solution if you want to keep in close contact with your growing customer base. It will help scale your business within a short period of time.

– Religious Organizations
– Ecommerce companies
– Entertainment companies
– Political campaigns
– Real Estate
– Restaurants
– Schools
– Retail outlets

You can take your business to the next level, get more customers and increase your sales today.
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